Cobraman Currency Free Community

Freely give, Freely receive.

Your Favorite Questions  


1.      Why a currency-free community? 

We envision a planet where love (not money) makes the world go around. The currency-free community was created to encourage people to love one another, not to mention, we live in a needy world. Try to give as much as you can. 

2.      Any fees associated with this service?

There are no fees whatsoever.

3.     Can I contact members in a different community?

Yes, you may.

4.     Do you handle shipping and handling fees?

No we don't. We recommend that you contact community-based members to avoid any fees.

5.     What kind of goods or services can I give away?

A gift may include clothing, vehicles, food, furniture, appliances, bikes, sporting goods, toys, vouchers,  automotive services, lessons, tutoring, transportation services, handyman services, care giving services and more. There is no such thing as too small or big a gift. The goods should be in working order and in good to new condition. The service should be performed in a timely fashion in good faith.

6.     Can I charge a small fee for goods or services rendered?

A gift must be given freely without expecting anything in return. 

7.     Where are you located?

We operate exclusively on-line.

8.     Who should I contact if I know someone abusing this service?

Report Abusers.

9.     Can I contact several different members and request more than one gift at a time?

Yes, you may.

10.     I've given away so much stuff.  I don't have anything else to give.

Give only what you can afford or want to give away. Keep in mind, you must actively give to remain a member. A gift doesn't have to be brand new or worth a lot of money. The gift could be a pair of socks or a bus ticket. Just do your best.

11.    Can I give away money?

Since this is a 'currency-free' community, cash gifts are prohibited. Cash gifts are accepted, appreciated and very much needed to support our anti-bullying initiatives. Please contact us directly to make a personalized cash donation.

12.   There is nobody in my community giving away anything, what should I do?

Keeping coming back! In the meantime, tell family and friends about Cobraman currency-free community. If more people join in the community it will increase your chances are of receiving goods/services free of charge.

13.   I requested a gift from a member but they are not getting back to me or gave the gift to someone else.

A gifter may give to whomever they please and are required to update their profile after doing so.

14.    I gave someone a gift and want a gift in return.

A gift must be given freely without any obligation to swap/exchange/pay for merchandise or services rendered. If someone is offering something that's of interest to you - you may request it, but don't expect it.

15.    How do I view what a person is giving away?

Log-in to your account. Click member profile then click 'info'. Goods/services up for grabs are also posted in the forum section.